#MW2015 Workshop: Tools and tips for publishing collections and exhibits of any size online

MW2015 Workshop Omeka: The Basics & Beyond | April 8th, 9.00am – 12.00pm
Michael Tedeschi, Interactive Mechanics, USA

Omeka has become a popular platform for publishing collections and exhibits of any size. Over the last few years, the platform has grown considerably, releasing several new versions and a plethora of new plugins to help extend the platform. Unfortunately, the community has had a general lack of developer and designer support.

Through this workshop, attendees will learn how to install and use the Omeka platform, as well as how to create custom themes for your project. We’ll also show how to use CSS3 media queries to build responsive Omeka sites that look great on any device (desktop, smartphones, and tablets), and integrate external libraries and frameworks to make our Omeka themes even more robust. By the end of this session, you’ll have a good foundation for the platform and the beginning of your own custom theme.

You should attend if you’re interested in using Omeka at your institution; you’re using Omeka, but want to get better or learn more; you’re a designer or developer that wants to start building for Omeka; or you’re looking to teach about Omeka and want to expand your knowledge.

You’ll learn how to install and get an Omeka site up-and-running; how to navigate the backend, install plugins and themes, and create content; about how a theme is structured and how to create your own; how to make your new theme customizable; and how to add new features into the theme or expand the platform.


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