#NetNeutrality at AAM2014: the museum technology community strategizes our response to the proposed FCC rules

At the MW “Ask the Expert” pavilion at AAM2014, a passionate group of museum technology leaders gathered to discuss our common response to the FCC’s proposed rules to allow discrimination by Internet Service Providers among the content they deliver – creating “fast lanes” for those online content publishers who can pay, and a “dirt road” for everyone else – including museums.

We have four months – the FCC’s public comment period – to make ourselves heard. Here are the ideas for next steps that were discussed:

  • We need to craft a message that individuals can easily send to the FCC, their representatives, etc. and a letter that museum directors and organizations can use to add their voices to a common cause. Leverage existing movements and petitions as well, and provide succinct background info to enable participants to get up to speed on the issue.
  • Can museums coordinate a day of action in which their websites go dark or otherwise emulate the impact of the proposed rules on the quality of public access to cultural content online?
  • MW and other websites can be encouraged to add info and links to actions people can take in support of the protest.

How can you help? What are your ideas? Let us know here!