#MW2015 Workshop: Museum Content Strategy Workshop

MW2015 Workshop: Museum Content Strategy | April 8th, 9.00am – 12.00pm
Conxa Rodà, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, Tijana Tasich, Tate, UK

Does your content meet your users’ needs? Have you ever struggled with how to get rid of useless content on your website, shutting down a social media channel? Do you find it difficult to activate an internal collaborative process to get passive, unmotivated or overworked people on board? Do you even know what content is produced in your organisation and why? If you would like to learn some tools which would help you find answers to those questions then this is the workshop for you.
Content strategy involves planning and governance of content inside an organisation. We’ll offer the big picture and also get down to practicalities such as how to run kickoff meetings, content audits, editorial guides, workflows, so that you can learn the main basic steps to develop an effective content strategy. Illustrated with good exemples of museums and other organisations that will spark the light about how can content strategy help us better serve our audiences and help us fulfil our mission / business goals.

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