#MW2015 Workshop: Designing digital services

MW2015 Workshop: Designing digital services | April 8th, 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Lindsey Green, Frankly, Green + Webb, UK, Ebelien Pondaag, Fabrique brands, design & interaction, The Netherlands

What would happen if we stopped focussing on making digital products and started designing digital services? How does starting from the user need rather than a chosen platform affect the things that we make? How can we make a difference to how audiences engage with our digital stuff? How can this designing services change the way we work with internal teams and external suppliers?

When the lines are are blurring between what is web, mobile and social media, we think designing services moves us towards a more user-centred approach that focuses on using these tools rather than prescribing the solution. We have developed tools to get to beautiful better finished products that are a delight for both internal teams to use and exceptional experiences for users alike.

This half day workshop is a hands on chance to use tools and processes for designing digital services. We offer an opportunity for participants to explore what new and interesting digital services museums and cultural organisations can offer their visitors and how to embed these into their own organisations.

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