#MW2015 Workshop: Quiet on Set: Debunking the Myths of Video Production

MW2015 Workshop: Quiet on Set: Debunking the Myths of Video Production
Andrew Mandinach, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, USA, Megan Hancock, Gund Gallery, USA

‘Quiet on Set: Debunking the Myths of Video Production’ will demonstrate what it takes to produce video by inviting participants to step behind the camera, learning what to consider when looking into the viewfinder, and addressing topics of concern before recording footage. For the second part of the workshop, we’ll open files up with post-production software and demonstrate what is required to produce that final video after the footage was captured.

The goal of the workshop is to put people who hire, work with, and/or oversee video production, but don’t necessarily “speak video,” behind the camera to get a better idea of what it takes to produce a video. We will teach the basic principals of video production through experiential learning to help bridge the gap between videographer and programmer.

Continuing off of the work of our colleagues, Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli and Emily Lytle-Painter, we seek to bring the discussion to “the set” and inform through live production/experiential learning. http://mw2013.museumsandtheweb.com/salon/museum-video-production-what-are-best-practices-anyway/ http://www.slideshare.net/aclavatelli/mcn-2012-the-message-is-in-the-medium-for-the-masses http://www.slideshare.net/aclavatelli/aam-2014-tech-tutorial-principles-of-effective-video

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