Today March 8, 2016: Exploratorium presents Total Solar Eclilpse: Live from Micronesia webcast beginning 4PM PST

Today, the Exploratorium, in partnership with NASA and the NSF, is presenting our live webcast of the total solar eclipse happening over the south pacific.  We have a production crew on the Micronesian island of Woleai, with telescopes and satellite uplink.  I’m producing the streaming which is available on our website at  I hope you can tune in.  The telescope feed begins at 4PM PST today and our webcast with hosts from the Exploratorium and NASA is from 5:00PM – 6:00PM PST.  We also have a telescope feed with narration in Spanish from 5:15PM – 5:45PM PST.  A full four minutes of eclipse totality begins at 5:38 PM PST.
We’re doing several experiments with the project which you can also check out:
1) Total Solar Eclipse app for Android is available on Google Play and allows you to view all four live streams as well as on-demand videos about eclipses and past eclipse expeditions.
2) Watch the total solar eclipse live streams in Second Life on Exploratorium Island and on Science Circle sims.  More info here:
3) We’re also streaming via Internet2 multicast.  To view you must be connected to a research & education network (like CalREN in California or other regional I2-connected network).  Use the free VLC media player and browse ‘Network streams (SAP) to find the stream links.  More info here:
I hope you can check it out and welcome any feedback about our webcast and streaming experiments.