Make a Match Today on POLARIS: The Museum Mentor Network

MENTORING can support your museum leadership skills in this time of uncertainty, budget cuts, and isolation. Find/Be a mentor on POLARIS: The Museum Mentor Network as we navigate to brighter skies together.

1. Register/Log-in to

2. Complete / Update your profile:

Include your “Affiliation,” and “Summary” at the top. Check the relevant boxes for your “Skills and Expertise” under “Other Information.”

3. Mentees can find their match and then send a request to available mentors.

4. Mentors can say how they’d like to help and then set up their first phone/video meeting with a mentee.

5. Self-study modules help guide you through the process of building a strong and mutually beneficial connection.

POLARIS: The Museum Mentor Network is free and open to all museum professionals across the sector.