UCF’s Text and Technology Ph.D. program

Technology has changed rapidly over the past few decades, shaking up education, the circulation of information, and society itself. The Texts and Technology PhD is an interdisciplinary program whose graduates produce cutting-edge research in fields like writing, media studies, technical communication, and public history, operating at the intersection of digital technology and the humanities.

T&T offers the flexibility to choose a part-time or full-time program and one of six areas of specialization: Digital Humanities; Digital Media; Editing, Publishing, and Interdisciplinary Curating; Public History; Rhetoric and Composition; or Scientific and Technical Communication. Take classes across a variety of disciplines while building depth of expertise to tackle fundamental questions of how technology enhances, or hinders, our contemporary lives.

To learn more about the Texts and Technology PhD program, email TandT@ucf.edu or visit https://tandt.cah.ucf.edu/