MW21 GLAMi Submission Deadline Extended to March 26

The deadline for submitting projects to the MW21 GLAMi awards has been extended to March 26. 

We’ve made several changes this year that we hope make it easier for you to submit your projects – especially after this year. Please note the new categories and eligibility criteria on the MW21 GLAMi Awards page. When you’re ready, submit your project here.

Notably, projects do NOT necessarily need to have been launched this year to qualify. Did you get creative going back into your digital archive? Did you reimagine or re-invent a digital tool you already had in place? Even if you aren’t sure your project fits into a category, please submit it anyway! We are also welcoming submissions for projects that were planned but were not able to be realized due to the pandemic and/or associated economic impacts, particularly in the Marketing and Promotion category.

Finally, a last-minute reminder to apply here to be a GLAMi Pool Judge through March 19. You can still be a pool judge in a different category even if you are submitting a project for GLAMi consideration. Applications from early career professionals, individuals who have never been a GLAMi judge, and even those outside the GLAM industry are welcome and encouraged.

Please email or reach out to one of us directly with any questions.

Best of luck to all!

-Heather Hart and Susan Chun