Has your institution used digital collection use and reuse data to tell stories of impact to different audiences? We are looking for examples that folks are willing to share, or resources that discuss how to tailor such data to specific audiences and stakeholders. The kinds of things we’re looking for are examples of dashboards, promotional materials, reports, infographics, presentations, or unpublished case studies in which use and reuse data plays a role in communicating the impact of your digital collections.

What do we mean by “use and reuse data”? We are interested in how you’ve told stories with traditional use data (such as downloads, views, social media shares) — but even more interested in how you’ve told stories of impact using data about reuse of digital collections (such as users incorporating your content into curriculum planning, art, exhibits, translation and annotation, memes, or citing your materials in articles or books).

Who is “we”? “We” are the Digital Content Reuse Assessment Framework Toolkit (D-CRAFT), a multi-year IMLS federal grant with goals of developing resources, recommended practices, and use cases for sustainably measuring and evaluating the reuse of digital assets held by cultural heritage knowledge organizations.

If I share something with you, what are you going to do with it? We will do nothing with it without your permission. Sharing it with us now does not give us permission to do anything with it other than show it to a handful of colleagues working to pull together examples and resources for the Toolkit related to this topic. We would ask you again before incorporating anything into the resources being put together for the toolkit.

Thanks for considering! Please just respond to this email ( if you are willing to share anything.

Elizabeth Kelly