AAM2014 MW Pavilion

Ask the Tech!

Sponsored by Axiell

The Museums and the Web Conference is where museum professionals go to become experts with technology. We are bringing the technology experts to AAM to answer your pressing museum technology questions!

Pavilion will be located at the main floor of Washington Convention Center, 6th floor.  Same floor as AAM Registration Desk and Book Store.  Stop by to bring your question to our museum experts!  More information about AAM Annual Meeting  – www.aam-us.org/events/annual-meeting

Pavilion Hours:

1pm – 5pm, Sunday, May 19

8am – 5pm, Monday May 20

8am – 5pm, Tuesday May 21

In addition to speaking to our museum technology experts, you can join the small mini clinic hours with specialists on the multiple topics:

  • Net Neutrality and the Future of Museums Online Link
  • Building sustainable museum wifi
  • How to create inexpensive mobile audio tour
  • Future of Digital Asset Management
  • Salesforce/CRM presentation on strategy, process, and outcomes
  • Kick starting Social Media
  • CRM selections
  • Location/context aware mobile
  • Selecting a website content management system (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla)
  • Rapid Capture and Digitization Workflow
  • Scholarly Online Catalogues

 Special Clinic Hours: Sunday, May 18

4 – 5pm: Simplifying Museum Content Contribution, a conversation led by Susan Chun and Rob Lancefield

Special Clinic Hours: Monday, May 19

9 – 9:45am: OpenGLAM and Wikipedia collaborations by  Ed Rodley

1 – 1:45 pm : Salesforce/CRM presentation on strategy, process, and outcomes by Douglas Hegley

2 – 2:45pm: Building Sustainable Museum Wifi by Rich Cherry

3 – 3:45pm: Net Neutrality and the Future of Museums Online Link by Nancy Proctor

4 – 4:45pm: Location/context aware mobile by Chris Smith from STQRY

Special Clinic Hours: Tuesday, May 20

9 – 9:45am: Kick starting Social Media by Valeria Gasparotti

10 – 10:45am: Net Neutrality by Titus Bicknell, Nancy Proctor and Rich Cherry

11 – 11:45pm: Rapid capture by Stanley Smith

1 – 1:45pm: CMS selection by Titus Bicknell

2 – 2:45pm: Technology Collaboration by Christina DePaolo

2 – 2:45pm: Scholarly Online Catalogue by Susan Chun canceled

3 – 3:45pm: Rethinking the mix of museum and community voices: Roundware at the Fine Arts Museums of SF by Jason Reinler

4 – 4:45pm: Practical game mechanics for museums by Jason Goldblum


Experts who will be at the Ask the Tech Pavilion

  • Titus Bicknell (Principal of Museums and the Web),
  • Andrea Boyes(Axiell),
  • Christopher Borkowski (CJB Media Solutions LLC.),
  • Rich Cherry (The Broad Art Foundation, Co-Chair of Museums and the Web),
  • Susan Chun (Museum ofContemporary Art Chicago),
  • Bert Degenhartdrent (Axiell),
  • Christina DePaolo (4Culture),
  • Zahava D. Doering (Editor, Curator: The Museum Journal),
  • Jason Goldblum (Bluecadet)
  • Douglas Hegley (Director of Technology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts),
  • Dana Mitroff Silvers (design thinking + web strategy),
  • Nancy Proctor (Co-Chair of Museums and the Web, Deputy Director of Baltimore Art Museum),
  • Rob Lancefield (Wesleyan University),
  • Ed Rodley (Associate Director of Integrated Media at Peabody Essex Museum),
  • Koven Smith (Principal, Kinetic Museums Consulting),
  • Chris Smith (Founder, STQRY),
  • Stanley Smith (J. Paul Getty Museum), and
  • Ed Rodley and Jason Reinier (Earprint) .