Title:Free, Open, and Mobile: An Open Platform Solution Changes the Rules of the Game in Museums
Authors:Alex Palin
Publication:MWA2014: Museums and the Web Asia 2014

During this one-hour session, will cover different aspects of using open platforms for publishing content from museums, employing modern mobile technologies – as well as give a workshop on creating high-quality content for mobile audio guides.Part 1 will cover the theory behind widely available open platforms and open content. Part 2 will offer hands-on experience of creating texts, images, audio and video for your museum’s audio guide, and publishing it online. Agenda for the session: Part 1. The Benefits of Open Platforms and Open Content 1.1. Open and free platforms● What are open platforms and how do museums already use them? (Google Art Project, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc)● What is open content (with examples)?● How does it all work together? Success stories from real-life museums and cities, plus the synergy of a 'smart city'● Open standard as the communication tool between open platforms and open content 1.2. Accessing the open content● Why is focusing on high-quality content – and not on technology – so important?● How to get the right content: a sample checklist for creating exciting content (with examples)● What benefits does the open content bring? Part 2. Workshop: Create Your Own Mobile Audio Guide in 30 minutes ● Introduction to's open platform● Introduction to the workshop● Content creation: writing texts, making the audio, images and video● Uploading content to the CMS● Live presentation of the results● Marketing your audio guide● Advanced features in mobile platforms Conclusion Q&A