Title:The Broad: A New Art Museum in the Digital Age
Authors:Rich Cherry
Publication:MWA2014: Museums and the Web Asia 2014

John Cotton Dana said in The New Museum: “The new museum…does not build on an educational superstition. It examines its community’s life first, and then straightway bends its energies to supplying some the material which that community needs, and to making that material’s presence widely known, and to presenting it in such a way as to secure it for the maximum of use and the maximum efficiency of that use.” If we take that suggestion to heart, and bring forth a new art museum into today’s digital culture, into today's all ways on – always connected community that has rapidly adopted digital, mobile and social media tools, what are the things we need to consider? In this closing keynote, Rich will discuss the creation of The Broad art museum in downtown LA and the plans the museum has for using technology in both visitor engagement and efficient operations.