Title:Storyteller—World War One: Love and Sorrow—A Hybrid Exhibition Mobile Experience
Authors:Timothy Hart, Jonny Brownbill
Publication:MWA2014: Museums and the Web Asia 2014

World War I: Impact and Aftermath August 2014 marks one hundred years since the outbreak of World War I - a highly significant watershed. Melbourne, as temporary national capital, was the centre of Australian wartime operations, and thousands of Victorians lost their lives or were damaged forever by the conflict. We have created an integrated mobile experience that offers visitors a complimentary layer of content in addition to what is physically available throughout the gallery and museum. The mobile experience includes off-site modes with content that visitors can engage with before and after a visit to the museum. When using the app, visitors will select one of eight characters who will frame their journey throughout the exhibition. Utilising beacon technology as triggers (over 30), the app will deliver relevant content to the visitor’s mobile device based on their proximity to a specific gallery zone and the chosen character. The presentation will explore the development of the App and its integrated role in the overall exhibition experience. This is the first time that Museum Victoria has relied on mobile technology to such an extent, this is our first truly integrated app/exhibition experience. We have worked with Art Processors to develop a unique app and experience, the exhibition opens on the 30th August 2014.