Title:Ignite! Hong Kong Art Portfolio Collection—A New Online Platform Developed by Oi!
Authors:Lesley Lau, Ivy Lin
Publication:MWA2013: Museums and the Web Asia 2013

As a dynamic cultural organisation, the museum always has to keep pace with the times and even think ahead of them. In a fast-growing city like Hong Kong, public art museums must constantly evolve and develop in order to meet the needs of the society and anticipate the changes it undergoes. This paper introduces Oi!, the very latest contemporary art space in Hong Kong, which was established in May 2013, and examines its demonstration of a new model of public art organisation that can cater to the city’s requirements. Unlike museums that are custodians of cultural legacies, Oi! positions itself as an incubator for young artistic talent, a facilitator of art creation and a project venue for engaging the community. Rather than objects of historical or artistic significance, Oi! "collects" creative talent and the most up-to-date information in order to help build and enhance Hong Kong’s cultural software. This paper discusses how Oi! is using the Internet to connect with local artists by exploring its new online platform, "Ignite! Hong Kong Art Portfolio Collection". Instead of serving as an authoritative content provider like traditional museums, Oi! opens up its resources to diverse creative communities and invites them to co-curate programmes in this brand new art space with the help of the Web.