Title:Pathways to Discovery: Supporting Exploration and Information Use in Cultural Heritage Collections
Authors:Paula Goodale, eneko agirre, Jill Griffiths, Kate Fernie, Mark Stevenson, Mark Hall, Paul Clough
Publication:MWA2013: Museums and the Web Asia 2013

In this paper we compare the results of the user-centred evaluation of two iterations of the PATHS system, which aims at supporting exploration, navigation and use of information in cultural heritage online collections. We focus on two path creation exercises, and examine the format and content of the paths according to available functionality and different user attributes. We also present findings of the users’ interactions and response to the path concept as a means of discovery, and of meaning-making and information re-use in relation to curatorial, research, education and leisure contexts. Recommendations are made for further refinement and development of the path functionality, and for application within CH online collections, with regard to key use case scenarios.