Title:‘Howdy Partner!’ The Transformative Power of Museum-University Partnerships
Authors:Mimi Roberts
Publication:MW2013: Museums and the Web 2013

The Center for Cultural Technology (CCT) is a museum-university partnership program headquartered in rural Las Vegas, New Mexico. It has drawn in equal parts from the traditional work ethic of the American Southwest and new technology-enabled forms of collaboration to develop a cultural technology program that encompasses academics, internships, and research and development, based on long-term, sustainable partnerships. CCT provides a replicable and adaptable model for meeting a major challenge faced by museums and the academic programs that prepare students for employment in them. The challenge: addressing the growing demands for new technological skill sets. By providing students with access to practical and affordable technological and design solutions, the partnership structure promotes the use of technology by New Mexico’s cultural institutions. By paving the way for career paths for students traditionally excluded because of socio-economic status, geography, and ethnicity, CCT is helping diversify the museum workforce. By generating community goodwill and making a positive impact on recruitment and retention, CCT has raised the stature of NMHU.