Title:How to Ride the Digital Wave: A Collaboration Between Museums and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Authors:Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen, Miriam Lerkenfeld, Ivan Dehn, Tobias Golodnoff
Publication:MW2013: Museums and the Web 2013

How can small-scale museums with limited resources ride the digital wave? By creating a collaboration between a group of museums and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. When public cultural institutions share skills, content and technology significant value is being created.

In this paper the steps of the collaboration are explained, including the development of a series of smartphone apps for small and medium-sized museums and a shared domain, where all involved digital objects are search- and shareable. DR's strategy for the development of an open sourced “back-end” platform CHAOS: _ (Cultural Heritage Archive Open System), which serves as the backbone in DRs wish for flexible use of digital content from the heritage partners, is introduced. The creation of new content using methods from journalism, and not traditional museum communication, is described. And finally key learnings from the project are explored as identified in this phase of the project with two of the eleven future smartphone apps launched. The project shows that the smaller museums involved have come much farther than larger institutions can come alone. Together, it is possible to save money, develop the institutions, gain valuable knowledge and insight on how users want to explore valuable heritage content, and create new formats and platforms.