Title:Invasioni Digitali / Digital Invasions—Co-Creation of Cultural Value
Authors:Invasioni Digitali
Publication:MWF2014: Museums and the Web Florence 2014

Marianna Marcucci Invasioni Digitali & Barbara Marcotulli Consultant on tourism and culture

In times of economic turndown, when budget cuts heavily affect cultural management policies and strategies, the use of digital data, information and value co-created by (and with) the audience may generate an environment in which it contributes in
- mitigating losses of socially valuable asset
- optimizing (and minimizing, too, in a longer term) costs of communication
- generating new added-value content by re-use and re-interpretation of pre-existing content

Digital media constitutes a challenge not only to museums communicating art, history, cultural heritage, but to all the staff of cultural institutions, organizations and businesses.
The workshop is thus aimed to any staff member, culture and arts professional, cultural heritage amateur, as - according to the Digital Invasions format - co-creation of cultural value is something that each individual is called (and willing) to take part into.
The workshop will
- present the 'Digital Invasion' concept
- explain it as ever-changing format by nature, due to its bottom-up, crowd-generated approach
- show results of the Italian edition (april 2013)