Title:An Advanced Solution For Publishing 3D Content On The Web
Authors:Marco Potenziani, Roberto Scopigno, Massimiliano Corsini, Marco Callieri, Marco Di Benedetto, Federico Ponchio, Matteo Dellepiane
Publication:MWF2014: Museums and the Web Florence 2014

3D Heritage Online Presenter (3DHOP) is a new technological solution for the advanced presentation of high-resolution 3D content on the Web. The design of this tool has been focused on the Cultural Heritage (CH) field, even though its versatility makes it a general-purpose tool. Thanks to its main features, like the capability to efficiently stream high-resolution 3D models and the possibility to build an interactive 3D viewer integrated with the rest of the Web elements intuitively, 3DHOP is particularly suitable for online CH presentations, where the often mandatory need to handle highly detailed digital representations of cultural artefacts, is almost always paired with the need to make these models available to a wider audience. 3DHOP is written in JavaScript and heavily based on the SpiderGL and Nexus libraries. It uses the WebGL subset of HTML5 for efficient rendering. Thanks to its modular structure, and a declarative-like setup, 3DHOP is characterized by a smooth learning curve and results to be easy to learn and easy to use. Furthermore, it may be configured and customized at different levels, making it accessible for people with different programming skills.