Title:Smart Technology for Smart Regeneration of Cultural Heritage: Italian Smart Cities in Comparison
Authors:Starlight Vattano
Publication:MWF2014: Museums and the Web Florence 2014

The new idea of urban intelligence is leading to a new concept of the city of the future, in which the relationship between the contemporary reality of the historical city becomes a key factor in the rethinking urban "smartness," through a total commitment to historical and artistic heritage, engaging the virtual city of ICTs. Smart cultural heritage, in fact, can be conceived as an element of the identity of a place, to share through the implementation of smart technologies, knowledge and social inclusion, for total participation to the promotion of cultural heritage. This need is particularly evident in the Italian territory, where cultural resources are widespread and represent a potential lever for improving local economies and the attractiveness of the territories. This article deals with smart enhancement of cultural heritage considering the experience of some Italian smart cities that are configured as bearers of cultural, tangible and intangible values to be protected. Some Italian projects that intend to define and develop an open platform for intelligent services for the cultural sector will be considered. These cases represent smart and open source systems, enabling the concept of personalized and contextualized exploration of the cultural good (augmented fruition), made also on the basis of experiential analysis of the territory. National experiences will be compared to allow us to understand how the relationship between smart city and cultural heritage is today the testing ground for a rethinking of the idea of the museum as no more just a traditional space of exposure and use, but including a virtual and urban territory that defines a new concept of smart heritage.