Title:Sharing and Reuse of Museum Objects in Learning Environments
Authors:Vincenza Ferrara, Sonia Sapia, Andrea Macchia, Francesco Lella
Publication:MWF2014: Museums and the Web Florence 2014

This paper presents MUSED, a user-centred framework designed by a partnership between museums and schools. A Platform has been developed to search, download and re-use digital resource of cultural heritage by teachers for their multimedia lessons . The Open data access , sharing museum resources and annotation tools were provided to encourage teachers and students to access and to know the cultural heritage. After access to reserved area of Website MUSED the information material was surfed online within the virtual paths offered by the Museums to track down useful objects to implement the contents in order to create a customized e-lessons, a container of explanatory panels and virtual museum objects relating to the subject matter. With the aid of specific software, each teacher will be able to make a hypertext with the support of images and information of the museum catalogues.