Title:Transmedia Storytelling and Cultural Heritage Interpretation: The CULTE Project
Authors:Candice Chenu, Ronan German, Eric Gressier-Soudan, Florent Levillain, Isabelle Astic, Vincent Roirand
Publication:MWF2014: Museums and the Web Florence 2014

This article aims at introducing the CULTE (Cultural Urban Learning Transmedia Experience) project (2014-2017). This project (supported by the French National Research Agency) brings together four partners from both the private and public sectors whose objectives are to design a pervasive, transmedia serious game and experiment new cultural heritage interpretation initiatives. Through the use of transmedia storytelling, we want to create a chronological and geographical continuum between the Quai Branly museum and multiple communities from every walk of life that have different degrees of engagement with the museum's collections and themes. This article is mainly destined for museum professionals, researchers and digital agencies.