Title:Gallery One, the First Year: Sustainability, Evaluation Process, and a New Smart Phone App
Authors:Jane Alexander
Publication:MW2014: Museums and the Web 2014

The Cleveland Museum of Art created Gallery One to build audiences by providing a fun and engaging environment for visitors with all levels of knowledge about art. Gallery One opened to the public, January 21, 2103 This session will address the three questions most frequently asked by colleagues: 1) Is the concept behind Gallery One working? We will take a look at the inaugural year of Gallery One. We will discuss gaming & playful experiences through the Gallery One Lenses. We will take a closer look at the ArtLens iPad app and share the museum's findings, including the audience research team's immersive study involving observations and intercept interviews with visitors. In addition, we will review analytics of the interactives, including the iPad app's onsite vs. offsite visitor experience, and discuss how the Collection Wall and ArtLens app are being utilized by visitors as tools for discovery and for creating new pathways through the museum's collections. 2) How can the museum sustain Gallery One? We will address the museum's digital media strategy, including 1) how the backend systems and staff workflows have been adjusted to maintain the "big data," and 2) support for operating costs, from content development to hardware. We will also speak to new content development strategies for the iPad app that ensure as many objects as possible have rich media interpretation. 3) What are the next steps? What is Gallery One 2.0? - We will discuss plans for refreshed art installations and interactive technology in Gallery One. We will demonstrate the museum's new ArtLens for iPhone and Android. We will also share our process in adapting the iPad app functionality and content to the smaller device. And we will show how the Collections Wall is being leveraged to promote major exhibitions, and as a tool for gauging visitor interest in themes under development for permanent collection installations, exhibitions, and educational program development