Title:Save the Date: Producing Calendar Content for Multiple Platforms
Authors:Maren Dougherty
Publication:MW2012: Museums and the Web 2012

Audiences expect to find information about museum events and exhibitions in many formats using a variety of devices. Some people may use their local community paper to find a listing of the next weekend's events but many others will use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops-or seek instant access to the information once they've arrived at a destination. Given museums' limited staffing, re-entering data is not an efficient use of resources. But what are the best practices for creating content for multiple platforms?

At the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, we have created a flow through which calendar events are created for the Balboa Park website and are fed out to a branded Balboa Park iPhone app, Spotlight Mobile's Meridian platform (for iOS and Android devices), and on-site interactive kiosks. We have also made duplicate versions of this feed available to media outlets for their use in creating community calendars.

This paper and session will review the steps through which participants could develop a similar flow for their organizations' content and discuss aspects of the content that need to be optimized for mobile apps and kiosks. 

This session is appropriate for staff who manage web and mobile content for their organizations.