Authors:Aaron Cope
Publication:MW2012: Museums and the Web 2012

building=yes [1] is a project started in 2010 to create stable and unique identifiers and a webpage for each of the 26 million (and counting) buildings in the OpenStreetMap [2] project.

Each building has an accurate geographic footprint associated with it as well as a nested list of place IDs (using the Where On Earth / GeoPlanet gazeteer). Although many of the buildings still have no meaning metadata this is
seen as a valuable opportunity to encourage increased participation and individual stewardship of one or more buildings.

This paper will discuss the motivation behind the project, it's technical implementation and shortcomings as well as future directions. It will also address the increasingly number and role of community-driven bespoke registries
of cultural artifacts and the fact the Internets make it possible for people to self-organize around a common interest, effectively collapsing the costs usually associated with production and distribution, and if communities of amateurs
don't feel like they have any avenues to participate in established projects, or institutions, then they can and will just do it themselves.

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