Title:Digital Media in Everyday Life: A Snapshot of Devices, Behaviors, and Attitudes, Part 1: Mobile Device Ownership
Authors:Steven Beasley, Annie Conway
Publication:MW2012: Museums and the Web 2012

If we build a mobile app, how many visitors will be able to access it on a smartphone? What platforms should we build it on? How does our audience behave in online and social networks, and how can we use that to engage specific user groups? What other digital media do youth and adults spend time with, and how should that inform the design of our digital initiatives? In this discussion, the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago will present the results of its Digital Media In Everyday Life research initiative, a national study of youth and adults that MSI conducted to better understand its audience's relationship with digital media and technology. The results will cover current and projected trends in mobile device ownership, consumption of and behaviors with digital media in different demographic groups, how youth and adults are using social media differently, and how users feel about digital experiences in the lived environment.