Title:Mubil, a Digital Laboratory: Creating an Interactive Visitor Experience in a Library-Museum Environment
Authors:Alexandra Angeletaki, Marcello Carrozzino, Letizia Jaccheri, Chiara Evangelista
Publication:MW2012: Museums and the Web 2012

Demonstration of Mubil, a digital laboratory, financed by NTNU university library, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the National Library of Norway. The project experiments by creating a hybrid exhibition space allowing the visitors to interact with archive documents without touching the authentic physical objects. The visitor is allowed to experiment with a 3D digital copy through an augmented board in an immersive virtual environment. The Mubil laboratory was established in June 2011 as an interdisciplinary cooperation between the NTNU University library the Norwegian University of Science and technology, with Letizia Jaccheri professor at the department of Computer Science of the NTNU university and Chiara Evangelista from the Percro laboratory of the University of Santa Anna in Pisa Italy. Starting in October 2011 the project MUBIL has been developing a pilot and the information collected through the interaction with the users will be analysed in order to create a laboratory application by the NTNU university library and promote its special archives. We hope to go further than 3D recontructions where the user remains a passive viewer. We aim to find ways in creating an active participation in an immersive environment that stimulates knowledge seeking through a perception-action interaction procedure. A working laboratory is being created in a hybrid environment (physical and immersive) and the experiment has a clear educational objective: to test the learning outcome of the users. The application will also be accessible through the Internet. During this event we intend to demonstrate our work and get feedback by others that might have been working with such  projects.