Title:Social Media and Organizational Change
Authors:Jack Ludden, Dana Allen-Greil, Susan Edwards, Eric Johnson
Publication:MW2011: Museums and the Web 2011

There has been great attention placed on how to work in the social media space. This includes how to work with social media in order to improve brand recognition, build a fan base, engage visitors, and expand programming. But you cannot accomplish any of this without staff members who understand how social media can be useful to their work and their institution. There are critical questions concerning how to sustain, organize, and implement social media within an institution. How do we manage the "brand" with so many people creating content, while also being flexible and bringing out the many voices in an institution? How to manage social media is a question asked by museums of all sizes and types. We will identify trends in the field as well as available resources that can help facilitate best practices for using social media. We will compare different approaches at different types of institutions (large vs. small, history vs. art museums, local vs. international) The authors of this paper are from various parts of the country, from different type of museums and ranging in size. With our multiple perspectives, we will address: