Title:Differentiating Online Gallery Spaces within Larger University Branding Initiatives
Authors:Lauren Razzore
Publication:MW2011: Museums and the Web 2011

William Paterson University has undergone an expensive, lengthy web branding campaign in 2010 that has unified the online presence for the college. Overall university templates drive the design of every website on campus. While this may be appropriate for the vast majority of college departments and groups, it has remained important for the University Galleries, Art Department galleries and cultural art spaces to differentiate themselves online. Through a series of design phases and hard-fought compromises I have been able to give each of the online galleries their own unique design, while still complying with the overall University branding campaign. In this demonstration I will present each stage of the design process, from the original university branding to the more unique web presence implemented at the end of the process. By sharing the University Gallery website (, the Center for Chinese Art website ( and the Art Department website (, and its evolution throughout the process I will demonstrate how online galleries can differentiate themselves within an overarching design scheme while still complying with university branding goals.