Title:An Object Server for the Future (ELISE II)
Authors:John Eyre
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

The Electronic Library Image Service for Europe project is now in its second phase. The pilot project which ran from Feb. 93 to Jan. 95 looked at the feasibility of providing museum and library images and related text to users based across Europe via the Internet. Working with partners like IBM, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Tilburg University, we produced working prototype applications for MS Windows and X-Windows before the emergence of the Web and associated browsers. ELISE II has been funded for the next three years (from Oct. 96) and now has nine partners, bringing new material in a variety of subject areas, including scientific imaging. With the explosion in the use of the Web and browsers like Netscape, it is obvious that for wide access applications delivering data over the Internet, this environment is essential for developers to use. ELISE II will develop a system that will manage the whole process of providing an image service, including User Validation, User Profiles, Standard Metadata Models such as the Dublin Core, Thesauri Expansion, Searching by Image Content, Searching across Disparate Databases, Distributed Images, support for Multimedia Objects including Streaming Video and Audio, Copyright Requirements and Management of various Payment Schemes. This paper outlines the project requirements and suggests some of the ideas and system designs which we believe will fulfill these requirements.