Title:Building an Ultimate Art Museum on the Web
Authors:Hsin Hsin Lin
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

In real life, an art museum landscapes around a building design concept with a defined exterior and adjustable interior spaces with a permanent collection and curated exhibitions. Implementing an art museum on the Web can either simulate or represent its real world environment or it can be completely built upon a virtual space. Currently, with exceptions, many real world art museums are represented by a 2D design concept filled with icons and its associated links together with snippets of collections. The prime objective of such a digital brochure is simply offering a vehicle to inform visitors of its physical presence. Using current available technological tools, this paper distinguishes the difference between the Web representation of a real world museum and a Web museum. Based on the author's extensive Web site visualization, design and implementation experiences, this paper examines and presents an art museum design philosophy and concepts. It details design elements in appropriating and apportioning multimedia contents (e.g. exhibits, art critic essays) selection in the extent of text annotation, image size, quality and quantity as well as the inclusion of audio sound bytes, music and video clips. As such, it suggests and offers the determinants for the basis and demand of creating animation (e.g. Gif89a, Shockwaves, JavaScript, Java Applets) for both 3D and 2D Web Sites. As it offers an array of a Web Page layout format, it offers an insight into the Site's navigational psychology and pattern with strong emphasis on aesthetics interests, Site ambiance versus systems performance considerations. It provides and reviews the choice of Site architecture with or without business transaction-oriented capabilities and problems concerning security issues and measures. Beyond which, it offers tools and methodologies for links validation and Site implementation guide. Ultimately, this paper is concerned with the ways to build a Web Site that excites -- one that is content rich and punctuated with fun elements with the possibility of setting up an art museum Intranet with archiving, inventory control and visitor profile databases.