Title:Center for Creative Photography Channels a Wave of Success through the Web
Authors:Nancy Lutz, Cass Fey, Lauren Smith
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

The Center for Creative Photography, a renowned photography museum and research center at the University of Arizona, joined the growing group of museums expanding outreach efforts through a presence on the Web more than two years ago to provide general, exhibition, collection and programming information. However, it was the development of the education component - the educator's resource - that has resulted in a wave of response. Feedback from this component of the site has substantiated that this outreach tool can lead to new, highly motivated and involved audiences. The paper will be presented jointly by three staff members who represent critical components in the decision-making process when institutions approach the creation of new information technologies to accomplish ongoing goals. Nancy Lutz, Assistant Director, Cass Fey, Curator of Education, and Lauren Smith, writer/educator docent, will discuss the institutional events that precipitated the education department's move to the Web and explore the reallocation of institutional resources, personnel and fiscal resources, that are an integral part of this decision.