Title:Hubble Space Telescope: A Web Resource for Science Museums and Planetaria
Authors:Prue Campbell, Carol Christian
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

Part of the mission of the Office of Public Outreach at Space Telescope Science Institute is to disseminate the results of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) to science museums and planetaria. In one of the ways we achieve this mission, we are using the information transfer abilities of the World Wide Web. We offer a site from a major research institute specifically designed as a resource to the museum community.

It is our belief that this is unique: while there are many sites from research institutes which the science museum community can use, these sites are usually designed for the general public or for classroom educators. Other sites designed for museum staff use offer exhibits, but little in the way of easy-to-access information of general interest.

In this presentation we outline the resources available through our site (which is currently under construction and will be available in March). This includes HST images, science background articles, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about HST and its astronomy. In addition, we offer a resource list of exhibits, planetarium programs, classroom activities, etc. about HST. Also available is an "advanced notice" system, where authorized browsers can see the contents of press releases before the general public - helping make science centers an authority the public can turn to when new results are released. Relevant topics include: Museum Exhibitions on the Web; Consortia, National, and International Projects; Imagebases, Multimedia, and Publishing; and, New Technologies & Opportunities for the Near Future.