Title:SGML: Show Me Which Road I’m On
Authors:Michael Vulpe
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

The promise of SGML is that if you separate form from content a miracle occurs. Data integrity is preserved across platforms, applications, and soup recipes. The reality is a return to the bad old days of proprietary hardwired solutions. Appreciating what SGML brings to the table requires an understanding both of its origins and of its characteristics. SMGL is not what is appears to be at first glance. In this paper, we look at:

  • where SGML came from
  • how a business case ca (or cannot) be made for SGML
  • what alternatives exist today
  • attempts to "fix" SGML to make it address today's problesm
  • how SGML can be rescued from obscurity by redevining its role