Title:The Specialist Seeks Expert Views: Managing Digital Folders in the AQUARELLE Project
Authors:Martin Doerr
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

The AQUARELLE project will connect museum specialists across Europe to enable access to a variety of databases with cultural contents, such as collection management systems and image and text bases. Beyond that, a so-called Folder Server will support scholars, administrators and conservators to exploit this materials providing: a tool to maintain secondary SGML documents, that describe, comment and reference the primary material across the European borders through the Internet. The technical challenge of this undertaking is to cater for the diversity in specialization, organizational and cultural context, data validity and the adequate high precision in reference and retrieval. On the other side, the organization of agreement on shared contents and resources all levels poses as well interesting questions. The project so far provides first solutions and serves as a forum to obtain valid requirements for future systems.