Title:Vienna International Festival / Wiener Festwochen (1996): Managing Culture on the Web
Authors:Markus Schranz
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

Managing and maintaining a Web presence becomes non-trivial when the size of the service exceeds a certain limit. Keeping the data organization, the information mapping to Web pages, and the navigation design manageable, while providing a consistent interface in terms of layout and usability, are basic requirements to Web presence. Currently the tools for managing and maintaining Web presence are limited as most page editors work on small sets of pages. During the work on the Vienna International Festival web presence of 300 multilingual pages we soon stepped beyond manageability with common page editors. We developed a methodology to organize, implement, and maintain a web presence. The methodology includes scientific design and organization modeling, integration of static and interactive WWW services, and consistent layout management using editable WWW interface templates. An object-oriented language is used to describe data organization, layout templates, and presence contents in a manageable and maintainable way.