Title:Virtual Museums: How to Make Digital Information Child-Friendly
Authors:Slavko Milekic
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

Technological breakthroughs in the domain of computers and the increasing use of the Internet had a major impact on availability and dissemination of information. However, one large section of the general population has been hardly affected by this revolution. Currently there are no established means by which young children, ages 2-5 can access the relevant parts of this vast collection. The major problem is the lack of a child-friendly interface environment which would allow children to interact in a meaningful way with a digitally presented information. Although the problem was commonly recognized during the past decade it was not considered acute until the recent explosion of information availability. Using the model of an existing child-friendly interface environment (KiddyFace, Milekic 1996), I argue in this paper for the necessity of creation of a specific milieu which will make the information accessible in an age appropriate manner.