Title:Where Have All the ‘Surfers’ Gone? How Are We Going to Keep Them Coming Back?
Authors:Julia Matthews
Publication:MW97: Museums and the Web 1997

The Web site of the Royal Ontario Museum was officially launched on the 16th of January 1996. It has averaged 1,800 site visitors on a daily basis. Wanting to increase virtual visitor satisfaction and attendance to the Web site, its developers began to rework the site. Navigation links were retooled; indexing was reexamined, metadata; was introduced; proposals for new interactive projects were reviewed and put into production; and strategic Web marketing became more focused based on our Web site audit reports. The paper will address:

  • how to get critical information about how your visitors are using your site and how you can use that data to improve Web site further.
  • strategic Web marketing
  • the best free marketing resources on the internet today
  • targeted linking, and other tools