Title:Electronic Volunteers in a Professional Organization
Authors:Andrea Ott
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

As a membership driven organization, the Ontario Museum Association uses the resources of its members on a volunteer basis to fulfill is function. This presentation will address how the functions of the Association have been augmented due to the advent of the World Wide Web. The session will address how the Association has provided new services such as the Trillium computer network which has its own membership base; Trillium News, an electronic newsletter; and onmuse-l, a provincial listserv for issues on museums, heritage and culture. A discussion on how these services have tapped the volunteer base of Ontario museum workers will follow covering advocacy; development of heritage resources such as a on-line database of Ontario museums; course delivery on-line by volunteers; volunteer committee members meeting on-line; and participants volunteering their expertise for the mutual benefit of all heritage workers .