Title:Open the Gates to the Virtual Visitors! (The M.A.M.A.-Hungarian Museums Database-Project)
Authors:Attila Suhajda
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

In 1996 the Ministry of Culture and Education began (together with 11 state museums) the "MAMA" Hungarian Museums Database project. The aim of this project is to establish a searchable artifacts index database. Each state museum implemented a local network with a local server plus internet connection. The project designed and developed a database management system for each museums collection. Over these local databases we put an index database -called M.A.MA- containing 12 elements available in each collection. The local databases are stored and maintained on the local servers, however for security reasons only the well protected central computer is serving information to the Internet . This central computer will provide place for individual museum home pages too. The M.A.MA database is accessible on 3 main levels. The first for the public, limited searching capabilities but accessible for everyone from the internet. On the 2 level the general database can be found with free searching capabilities, and the third level is closed, this is the researchers database, which contains detailed information about the objects of collections. The project didn't standardize at the level of the different collections data, but it has attempted to serve provide for general searching. This paper will present the results of this project include the solution of the museological problems and the professional technological background.