Title:Teacher as Student, Student as Teacher: Teaching and Learning through Direct Experience
Authors:Louis Mazza
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

What part do teens play in the digital era? Certainly, they are more connected than their parents. Certainly, they are smarter, more aware of the world around them than any other generation before them. And certainly, they have something to say about the world that they live in. Using the digital medium as a tool and a space for presentation, Walker Art Center's Teen Web class participants began learning the basics of web creation in an attempt to address important issues facing young adults today via the World Wide Web. The goal of the course was to familiarize students with the medium of the Internet as a tool for creative expression and its capabilities to communicate and ellicit responses from peers, parents and teachers. With an emphasis on critical analysis of both new and "old" media, the class determined what its main concerns and issues were and created an area built specifically by them reflecting those concerns and offering intelligent visual interpretations and responses. Each student has begun to create a visual/verbal "response" to the issues using one or a combination of media: photographic image, text, animation, and sound that will voice their particular concerns and interests.