Title:The Student Interactive Imaging Program: Developing Marketable Technical Skills through a Web-Enabled Database Project
Authors:Bill Kirby
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

The Canadian Visual Arts Information Network (CCCAnet) is an on-line database project profiling contemporary Canadian visual artists and their work. It currently includes more than 2,000 images by more than 80 artists. Much of the work involved in building the database and the CCCAnet website has been carried out by high school and college students working through partnerships with The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art. The learning benefits of the Student Interactive Imaging Program have been many. It has provided the students with a practical project through which to learn marketable technological skills, a new opportunity to experience contemporary Canadian art, and a community education-based method to aid in the building of an important national visual art information resource. The Student Interactive Imaging Program has been supported in part by SchoolNet Digital Collections, an innovative program of Industry Canada designed to give young people technology-based job experience convering collections of material into digital form. This presentation will describe the CCCAnet project, illustrate the student-developed, web-enabled database, and suggest how such a program could easily be extended to museums, providing them with a valuable, cost-effective partnership to aid in the automation and dissemination of their collections while enhancing their educational activities.