Title:Virtual Exhibition Production: A Reference Guide
Authors:Wendy Thomas, Danielle Boily
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

This paper explores the journey taken by several Canadian and French institutions in the development of a collaborative on-line exhibition. The valuable experiences culled from this enterprise have been transformed into a concrete guide that can provide valuable aide to all who embark on a similar adventure. The experiences of those involved in the creation of the Christmas Traditions in France and in Canada virtual exhibition were recorded and subsequently evaluated. The purpose being to produce a guide on the production of virtual exhibitions which could be used by other institutions interested in the creation of similar projects, particularly those involving several collaborative and/or international partners. This publication, a condensed version of which is available on-line on the CHIN Web site, will be available in late 1997. It provides insight into projects of this nature (international and collaborative) in which museums and technology merge/meet to produce a visually and intellectually rich presentation that educates and entertains a large audience via the Internet.