Title:Miss Traill’s House: A DIY Internet House Museum for Classroom Use
Authors:Robin McLachlan
Publication:MW98: Museums and the Web 1998

Miss Traill’s House (the “real one”) is a National Trust house museum in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. Built in the mid-19th century and replete with artefacts both grand and mundane, the house museum serves as a valuable resource for CSU public history students. It’s here classroom theories on hegemonic discourse, thick and thin interpretation and similar topics assume practical form. For external students, however, a visit to the house is difficult, if not impossible. For these students, a simple computer simulated version of Miss Traill\'s House has been developed, initially on disk. It is now available to students through the Internet, part of a wider project to make the entire subject Internet accessible. This paper will discuss the process of developing the simulated museum and consider its practical use as an Internet teaching resource for internal and external students. Particular attention has been given in the design to show students how artefacts can reveal something of their owners and how changes to the fabric of a building are messages from long ago occupants. The computer version of Miss Traill\'s House was low budget in expenditure, minimalist in technology and involved students in its design and construction.