Authors:Helmut Stemmer
Publication:MW99: Museums and the Web 1999

Education Project museumonline - The aim of museum@online is to enable as many students and teachers as possible to intensively deal with national and international art and culture in substantive terms in the course of project instruction and to work with new communication technologies. It should be noted that museum@online is consciously adopting an interdisciplinary approach (different subjects, teamwork teacher/student, cooperation with other schools). In addition, museum@online wants to promote contacts between schools, museums and art and cultural institutions on an international basis. The "New Media" offer young people the possibility of a new and interesting encounter with museums as well as art and cultural institutions beyond national boundaries. During the school year 1997/98 more than 60 projects were submitted, 41 finished their work in June 1998; 6 different categories of museum@online-awards were defined by the jury. All the projects and also the workshops are well documented on the homepage. In the current school year 1998/99 the project has been extended to 3 different streams (expecting 100 projects); beneath the classical projects of museum@online one additional project is focussing the integration of videospots for cultural use and the second one named VIA-Virtual Albertina is connected to an exhibition dedicated to Francesco Borromini and the Baroque Age (see: in the year 2000 (Rome and Vienna).