Title:Arts, Science, and History Online: Examples of Successful Collaborations between an e-Learning Firm and Non-Profit Organizations
Authors:Chuck Barger
Publication:MW2000: Museums and the Web 2000

Interactive Knowledge, an e-learning company, and the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, North Carolina have collaborated successfully on a number of interactive electronic learning projects. The Mint is committed to providing school children as well as the general public with high quality educational programs. Over the past five years the Mint has worked with Interactive Knowledge to create a wide variety of interactive programs, from websites complementing large traveling exhibits to e-learning products for 5th graders. Several new projects are in the pipeline including a large-scale interactive website titled "The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame." The latest collaboration is a comprehensive look at North Carolina history. Crafting North Carolina is an e-learning program that features a unique approach to teaching history by linking the state's progress since pre-colonial time to the art and craft produced by North Carolinians. Crafting North Carolina is designed for fourth graders but will be an integral part of the Mint's main website since the content is appropriate for the general public. Crafting North Carolina is a web-based, interactive exploration of North Carolina's rich craft tradition. In 4th grade North Carolina students are studying the state's history and culture. Crafting North Carolina mixes information about North Carolina's craft tradition with content from the 4th grade social studies curriculum. The program will utilize images of art and crafts created by North Carolinians from The Mint Museum of Art's collection. All of this will add up to a web site that is an interactive and engaging experience. The goal of this project is to help students gain an appreciation of the state's craft tradition and reinforce material taught in the classroom. The Crafting North Carolina web site will have a section for teachers and for students. The teacher section will give information about what's in the site and how to use it. The student section will have web-based educational activities and printable student activity sheets. The web-based activities include: Early Glimpses of North Carolina -- An exploration of the state's earliest days, including Native Americans, explorers and mapmakers. 200 Years of Clay -- An exploration of one of North Carolina's oldest traditions, including Colonial potters, potters around the Civil War era, pottery in the machine age, and pottery as art From the Land -- An exploration of North Carolina's natural resources and how artists use them in their work. What the Use? -- An exploration of the utilitarian nature of pottery. Clay Techniques -- Young Travis Owen, a fifth generation North Carolina potter from Seagrove leads us in the basics of throwing and firing a pot. Virtual Fieldtrips -- Get on the bus and visit artists and craft sites across the state, including Sid Luck's pottery studio, Cynthia Bringle's pottery studio, Stony Lamar's wood turning workshop, Billie Ruth Suddeth's basket-weaving studio, and a student led trip through the Mint Museum of Craft + Design. In this presentation Chuck Barger, Vice-President of Interactive Design will demonstrate Crafting North Carolina and describe the process, team approach and production techniques for creating large scale e-learning programs for museums.