Title:Creating Heritage Content for the Web
Authors:Adriana Davies
Publication:MW2000: Museums and the Web 2000

The presentation acknowledges the importance of the internet as a tool for communicating information held in the collections of heritage institutions and organizations (broadly defined). It will address: content development, funding, technical challenges and opportunities. The issue of content development is of primary importance for the heritage sector. While for other content providers, individuality is almost a prerequisite, in the area of the representation of public history and heritage, there are a number of constraints Heritage institutions (museums, archives, historic sites, etc.) and organizations (historical societies, genealogical societies, ethnocultural societies, etc.) are a part of the non-profit sector and also make extensive use of volunteers. Thus, an under-resourced sector is being called upon to make use of a new technology without the necessary resources, fiscal or human to do so. Is doing things on a shoe-string possible? How can we get heritage content on the web? While many roadblocks can be identified, it would be foolhardy for the sector to avoid getting started. Much can be accomplished using the traditional techniques that are hallmarks of the sector.