Title:From the Horse’s Mouth: How Our Teachers Are Using the Internet
Authors:Diana Johnson
Publication:MW2000: Museums and the Web 2000

With internet access in schools rapidly becoming the norm, it could be said the “horses” are at the water--but are they drinking? In the fall of 1999, we polled 750 elementary and secondary teachers in our local audience about their online habits. Our survey asked them to rate how frequently they use the internet in a variety of ways, ranging from checking e-mail to searching for lesson plans to incorporating online activities in their lessons. 88% of our sample reported some degree of internet use, most commonly checking e-mail. A surprisingly high number reported incorporating the internet into their lesson preparation and student assignments. These results should cheer technology promoters--most of our teachers are at least sipping from the waters of the internet! We now have a chance to apply what we have learned about teachers\' habits to provide them with applications that meet their current comfort levels and encourage them to do still more.