Title:Heritage, Classrooms, and the World Wide Web: A Teacher Educator’s Perspective on the Gateway to Learning Materials Project
Authors:John Myers
Publication:MW2000: Museums and the Web 2000

Teachers are busy people and the demands on their time will only increase with new curriculum projects in many jurisdictions. In addition the profession is changing as the generation of teachers hired in the 60s and early 1970s is being replaced by new teachers with new skills. While the use of information technology seems to be just one more thing teachers have to cope with, the coming generation of teachers may be in a good position to fulfill the possibilities offered by IT. As an educator and consumer of technology, my collaboration with this project illustrates possibilities for teachers to:

  • keep current with IT in general
  • develop links with museums and heritage sites at a local, provincial and national level I will provide feedback from teacher candidates at OISE/UT who have examined the CHIN and related sites
  • Link: